Laqlouq, Lebanon
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Where is "Home"??

I have always struggled with the question of "Where is Home?" People have offered various answers along the way, but I have finally developed my own answer, which I will be testing very soon. Here is what I think.
Scene from the performance by the Roumieh prison inmates
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It is me but it could have been you! !هذا أنا ولكن كان من الممكن أن تكون أنت

An afternoon at the Roumieh prison: A couple of times I caught the eye of one of the performers, a pleasant looking guy in his 20s. He held my gaze for a few seconds each time, in which I felt we were two sides of a random coin flip. “It is me but it could have been you…it is you but it could have been me…after this is over I walking out of here…after this is over I am going back to my cell!”