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In communities hosting Syrian refugees, how bad are the Lebanese, really?

This project was a good opportunity for me not only to get to know the target beneficiaries up close, but to also get my own answer to the question of how much tension was there really between Syrians and their Lebanese host communities. Is it an exaggerated story amplified as an excuse to receiving funding and implementing development projects? Or is it real?

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Where is the joy we used to feel?

Coming out of 2016 feels like coming out of a battlefield. I suspect the feeling is shared by many others: the feeling of a warrior happy to have come out alive, and looking forward to, hoping for (perhaps naively) a less cruel and violent 2017. But at this point the scars and bruises of battle are still feeling heavy, and one feels there is a need to hide and nurture body and soul before facing the new year. How does one find joy again in this context?