Hello, I’m Zee McHadd.

Hello. My name is Ziad Haddara, a.k.a Zee McHadd (there’s actually a reason for this). I would like to build the Hedohumanic tribe. Here is more about who Hedohumanics are, what they believe in, and about why I want to build this tribe.

I am from Beirut, Lebanon. I have also lived in Limassol, Paris, Dubai, Boston, and Toronto, and have traveled to over 49 countries. This year I discovered Mongolia and Norway, and in 2019 Japan, Oman, and Russia.

I own  and manage a small private travel business called My Middle East.  I an also an expert in micro economic development and do projects for various UN agencies and iNGOs. For what I do professionally, please check my Linkedin profile. Here are some pics…please say hi in the comments below or email me at zee@hedohumanic.com.